Barbara’s story

“It’s as if we’re on a journey together – they’re right beside us as our business grows.”

I started ACasa Care Ltd, a care provider, with a friend in 2011. I needed help with starting the business up, registering with Companies House, ongoing support with our accounts and general advice and guidance.

We’ve grown steadily and now have over 200 service users, 2,000 support users and James Hair & Co has helped us step by step, supporting us all the way.

My background is in social work and so I didn’t have a clue about business. In the first meeting with Raymond he referred to P&L (profit and loss) and I thought it was a Latin term! But he explained everything in plain and simple terms and never made me feel as if I was asking a silly question.

Starting up

Raymond helped us think about our expenditure, travel expenses and staff salaries. He also helps with things like how we can minimise corporation tax and with other ways we can save money.

Ongoing payroll support

With 80 staff, payroll is a significant part of our business, with monthly pay figures, tax, National Insurance Contributions and student loan deductions to work out. When we started working with James Hair & Co our payroll was run by someone else, but we transferred this to James Hair & Co so that we had everything in one place.

Not only did they set it all up, but they help with the ongoing day-to-day issues as well. Lynn is particularly helpful - every month there will be queries - staff will always have questions about the pay they’re getting (especially with student loans) and it’s so helpful for us to refer these to James Hair & Co.

Expanding as a business

We started as a cottage industry working from a kitchen table, but soon the opportunity came up to buy the commercial property across the road.

Raymond helped us investigate the potential and we realised that we could rent out the warehouse and have an additional income stream. He helped us to set up a new company, Rowcan Holdings Ltd, which has meant we haven’t had to take out bank loans.

We wouldn’t have taken that on if we hadn’t had that support and advice.

In 2014 my business partner wanted to move on from the business, which could have been difficult, but James Hair & Co smoothed the way. As well as the legal side of things, in terms of drawing up the contracts and the share transfer, they also support you as people. They know what stage your business is at, what you’ve been through or going through, and can therefore help you with the bigger picture.

A personal approach

They’re used to working with lots of local businesses, but at the same time they have a very personal approach.

The company has also helped me with my pension and personal investment planning. David is extremely helpful and I know that I can ask about anything and he’ll explain it clearly.

I feel they’ve always been there – it’s as if we’re on a journey together – they’re right beside us as our business (and lives) grow. I like the fact that they’re local and just a phone call away, because that means they’re always responsive to our queries and needs.

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