January 26, 2021

‘Five Minutes with’ David Arthur, Director of Financial Services.

In the middle of another hectic January, we pause for a chat with David Arthur, Director of Financial Services at James Hair & Co.

At a time when looking ahead and planning for the future couldn’t be more important, we discuss the value of sitting down with a financial planner, practical advice for navigating the current landscape and the importance of switching off from work mode.

David, if we could start by chatting about your impressive background and what brought you into financial services and to JH&Co?

Believe it or not I actually ran an electrical wholesale business before moving into the financial services industry in 1999! I had always had an interest in investments so I decided to change my career and sat the relevant exams to allow me to give advice. I worked with a Swiss bank where James Hair & Co were a client and, in 2007 I was approached by Jim with a view of developing the Financial Services side of the business in Cupar. The rest is history!

Tell us about the services you provide and the benefits they can bring to your clients.

Pension and Investment planning is a large part of what we offer along with protection and Inheritance Tax planning. Our approach to investing is measured, with the aim of preserving and protecting the capital we have been entrusted to manage. Our approach has not changed significantly over the last 40 years and the returns that we have achieved stand up to scrutiny.

Any tips or advice for people trying to navigate investments and pension planning in the middle of global pandemics?

Take a deep breath! There are always scenarios that that can affect short term returns. Investing for the long term is key. We will see an end to this global pandemic. The key is to invest in companies with a good track record and sound balance sheets. History has demonstrated that quality asset backed investments will provide sound returns over the long term so just allow your capital to work for you.

We’ve heard a lot about your work life but If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of finding balance – how do you like to switch off and enjoy your weekends?

I have two sons who require a taxi service every weekend to accommodate their various sporting activities! When time permits, I enjoy playing golf and keeping fit. I also try and squeeze in the odd glass or red wine at the weekend!

Finally, any resolutions for 2021?

I am not really one for New Year resolutions but I think 2020 has taught me that we should appreciate what we have rather than what we don’t have. I have a fit and healthy family and I work in a business that I love with great clients – what more could I want!