October 25, 2021

‘Five Minutes with’ Duncan Will, Trainee Accountant


In the next of our series of chats, we sit down with Duncan Will, Trainee Accountant.

Duncan joined us in Autumn 2020, fresh from completing his Advanced Highers at Westhill Academy, Aberdeen. We talk office life, pesky reconciliations, and a kick-starting a new career in Fife.

So, Duncan, what brought you to James Hair and pursuing a career in Accounting?

At school we had to take job aptitude tests which had highlighted my skills with numbers, being methodical and my attention to detail – all of which seemed like a good fit with accounting. I ended up taking some work experience with James Hair & Co in my 4th year, and found I really enjoyed it and could definitely see a future career in it.

And how has it been transitioning from school to working in the office?

Interesting – obviously it’s a very different atmosphere and so it’s a total shift getting used to a professional work dynamic but I like think I’ve adapted pretty quickly.

Any favourite areas of work?

I find working on Tax Returns pretty satisfying – it’s feels good when everything is finally all in order. Also, James Hair & Co has real expertise in agricultural accounting so I’m really enjoying working with our farming clients and learning a lot about that area of the business.

Have you found any parts of the job particularly challenging?

I definitely have to pay attention when I’m working on VAT reconciliations and wage reconciliations!

You’ve moved to Fife to train with us – have you discovered any favourite places / things to do in the Kingdom?

I’m currently a first-degree black belt in Martial Arts and I train with Kuk Sool Won in Kirkcaldy – great after those long days of reconciliations…

(High Flyer – Duncan training at Kuk Sool Won in Kirkcaldy)

Duncan is working with us whilst achieving the Graduate Apprenticeship in Accounting BA (Hons) through Robert Gordon University – developing skills and ICAS qualifications whilst on the job.

At James Hair & Co, we operate various training routes for keen school-leavers and graduates. If you’d like to speak with us about opportunities, please contact Raymond Hutt for an informal chat about growing your career with us – 01334 654 030 /