Sheena Gibson BA, FCCA Director of Agriculture and Charities


What’s your role at James Hair & Co?

I started with the firm February 2020 to work alongside Jim Hair on the practice’s agriculture clients. I  also work on a portfolio of non-agricultural owner managed businesses, and I am heavily involved with the practice’s charity clients. 

I am involved with the client at all stages of the process, from the ongoing bookkeeping, to the preparation of client accounts and consideration of their tax position. I really enjoy meeting clients, to help review and explain their accounts to them, to better understand their goals for the future,  and to consider and adapt their future tax planning requirements, based on their eventual goals. 


What do you like best about it?

I have two – firstly I love fact that my workload changes on a daily basis, based on the variety of  clients I work with and their needs. However, equal with that is the joy of meeting a variety of  different people throughout the working week, and having the ability to help clients get where they  want to be. 


What one word sums you up and why?

Determined. I am determined to give the clients I work with the best service possible, and do whatever I can to make sure this happens. If clients put their trust in me to help them guide their business, there is no way I am going to let them down. 


What was the last thing you Googled? 

SEISS Grant Scheme Extension. Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have been responsible for  writing the firm’s newsletters, keeping our clients up to date on the range of financial support that is available to their business. It is a never-ending process given how quickly things continue to change at the moment! 


What’s No 1 on your bucketlist? 

I love travelling with my husband, and until recently my number one was to visit Russia, and in particular Red Square in Moscow. Now this one is in the bag, I have my sights set on walking a section of the Great Wall of China. 



1991- graduated with BA in Accountancy from Abertay University 

1999 – Qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant, training initially with Ernst and Young and then latterly with Henderson Loggie.